Matching up sound recording and music composition data

About Us

Royalty Genius is a music rights management agency focused on collecting unpaid revenue from digital streaming services worldwide. Royalty Genius gets its rights holder affiliates accurately paid from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, Soundcloud and other interactive streaming services. We license, research, collect and distribute interactive streaming royalties.

Any musical rights owner can work with Royalty Genius as long as they represent the administrative rights to the music catalog.

Royalty Genius is a music rights management agency with a new approach based around technology. Royalty Genius is powered by the largest database of music in the world and registers metadata to every sound recording in the database for accurate royalty reporting.

The Royalty Genius team can determine which song is or is not licensed with the DSP's and if you are being paid your royalties on time. Royalty Genius can recover your past revenue and make certain you are paid royalties on all future streams of your works on the DSPs.

About Us